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“I took the pledge because I never listed to my mother when she told me to wear sunscreen and I was diagnosed with melanoma.” – Amanda Carpenter
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Contest Rules and FAQs


1) Register your school online. Registration opens January 6th.

2) Download and copy our pledge forms or send students to to take the pledge online.

3) Get at least 2% of your undergraduate college population to sign the Tanning is Out Pledge. If sending by mail, gather all of your signed pledge sheets, attach them to the official cover sheet, and return the entire packet to:

Attn: Amy Mason
Melanoma Foundation of New England
111 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner
Concord, MA 01742



Team Leaders will, by request, receive a certificate stating their leadership role in the Your Skin is In program. They will also be qualified to win the following prizes:

Cash Raffle Drawing - $250 Two Team Leaders from each New England State will win!

Team with the highest percentage of pledges - $250
Team with the highest number of pledges - $250

Raffle Prize for One Lucky Team Leader

Select your preference when you register your team!
  • Be the Face of Your Skin Is In 2014
  • Spend the day at Six Flags New England with 10 friends
  • Pizza party for you and 50 friends
  • Bus trip to New York City for two ($200 value)

Raffle Prizes
$50 Visa Gift Card for Individual Pledge Signers, ten winners.


Pledge Requirements: Any student at a college located in New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) can enter the Your Skin Is In contest. The student who registers their college team is considered a "Team Leader" and is required to get a minimum of 2% of their undergraduate population. Regardless of the school size, each Team must have a minimum of 50 students who have signed the Tanning is Out Pledge to be entered. More than one Team Leader can sign up their school using different team names. For example University of Skin might have 3 teams, Team Kelli, Team Delta Nu, and Team Basketball. Students can only pledge once and for one team only.

The Your Skin Is In contest opens January 6. Contest entries are due: March 31, 2014.

The contest drawing will be held on 4/7/14. Winners will be notified by telephone.


1. Check out our posters and print the ones you like to hang up at your school. Or make your own posters and flyers.
2. Set up a table in the commons, the cafeteria and/or your dorm with pledge forms and the facts of tanning to get classmates to sign the pledge. Or promote the program at your team practices, club meetings, etc.
3. Share our two videos, the new Exposed and Tanning is Out during an assembly, advisory, home room or at a lunch or free period. Or send the link to your friends.
4. Email us at to see if there is a speaker available to visit your school and talk about their experience with melanoma (no cost to you). You can also request that our speaker or volunteer brings a facial scanner to show students the damaging effects of UV rays.
5. Show your classmates the facts of tanning - they will most likely want to sign the pledge!
Questions, please email or call 800-557-6352.